Using the case of West Pokot in northwestern Kenya, the major focus of this book is on food security and coping mechanisms in an arid environment. Following the introduction, Ch. 2 analyses the advent of colonialism in Kenya and West Pokot in particular. Ch. 3 examines indigenous irrigation and food production in colonial West Pokot. Ch. 4 looks at crop development in postcolonial West Pokot, focusing on government intervention in crop production. Ch. 5 discusses the role of herding, hunting and gathering in the Pokot economy. Ch. 6 analyses the role of trade, wage labour and mining, and their contribution to food security in colonial and postcolonial West Pokot. Ch. 7 examines external intervention, specifically government/donor community intervention, in irrigation and the provision of relief food during droughts and famine in colonial and postcolonial West Pokot. Ch. 8 summarizes and concludes. [ASC Leiden abstract]
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Year of publication: 2009
Series: African Studies Collection
Volume: 15
Anne Kisaka Nangulu
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