This book is based on an ethnographic study in 2004-2005 during an ongoing civil war in northern Uganda. It examines children's suffering as well as their attempts to restore normality. The study shows that there is a high burden of illnesses among the children examined, both infectious diseases and complaints related to emotional distress. The study describes children's short-term curative approaches to these illnesses, and the ensuing misuse of, and dependency on, pharmaceuticals. Although children are approached as social actors and their perspectives are privileged, their quests for therapy are shown to be influenced by many other factors. The focus therefore lies on children's vulnerability within existing health care structures and life conditions. Through this focus, the book critiques the narrow policies regarding health care interventions for children above five years, and underscores the importance of addressing wider socioeconomic factors in preventive approaches to infectious diseases and emotional suffering. [Book abstract]
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Year of publication: 2010
Series: African Studies Collection
Volume: 25
Grace Akello
African Studies Centre
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