Based on fieldwork in rural Tanzania and Vietnam, this thesis describes differences in the organization of cashew production in the most successful cashew-producing regions in Tandahimba District in Tanzania and Bugiamap District in Vietnam. This is done by analysing the lower level of the cashew value chain. The author explores the dynamic process of how cashew farmers in the two countries are integrated in the existing production set-up. While diversification away from agriculture in Vietnam goes hand in hand with rising agricultural production and productivity, diversification in Tanzania appears to go hand in hand with sluggish growth and stunted productivity in agriculture. By contrasting value chain systems, the author argues that farmers react to changes in price. The balanced value chain in Vietnam allows a compatible functioning of the sector that encourages its expansion. The unbalanced value chain in Tanzania results in power being tilted away from farmers, which leads to the acceptance of residual payments and being positioned in the margins by both State-run and private trading. [ASC Leiden abstract]
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Year of publication: 2013
Series: African Studies Collection
Volume: 48
Blandina Kilama
African Studies Centre
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