Cameroon's economic crisis has led to widespread unemployment and poverty since the 1980s. Civil society organizations, including the churches, believe that bad governance is at the heart of the country's economic problems and are calling for the introduction of democratic institutions. However, a growing number of Pentecostal churches, especially in Anglophone Cameroon, are also offering an attractive message of salvation to the suffering masses. This study considers how the new gospel of accumulation and prosperity relates to the material predicaments of Cameroonians. It investigates the transition from 'classical' to 'modern' Pentecostalism and the continuous defection of members of the mainline churches to the new Pentecostal groups that are propagating this gospel of prosperity as opposed to the ascetic doctrine of mainline groups. The book consists of five published articles and a general introduction. [ASC Leiden abstract]

Year of publication: 2007
Series: African Studies Collection
Volume: 2

Robert Mbe Akoko
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