Talking about an African queen, this title serves as an exciting literary event - the English publication of a northern Nigerian writer. This is a timely political novel describing the actions of the eponymous Amina and her friends as they try to effect a change in the social status of Nigerian women. Dealing with pressing issues rarely appearing in fiction - the legal status of Muslim women; the limitations imposed on them by traditional and religious conventions; the restrictions on their activities; the effects of a corrupt patriarchal system on the society at large and women in particular; the humiliations visited on women as a result of unquestioned male power in personal relationships - "Amina" presents a unique view of the issues prevalent in modern Nigeria from a woman's point of view. Ingeniously conceived and deftly written, "Amina" is a vision of emancipation from within; a beautifully crafted narrative drawing parallels with the life of the legendary 16th century Hausa ruler Amina of Zazzau. It is a work of hope from an overlooked corner of the world.



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Mohammed Umar
Africa World Press